Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stop Content Thieves II

Others are following the ins and outs better than I can, although I was among those who were orbited and banned at Marwood. I have to say this is my first major protest activity since the Vietnam War [okay I'm dating myself!] and it felt good to be able to do something about an important SL issue. Maybe it's not world hunger or genocide, but the rights of creators to protect their work is one the the pillars of civilization. Just read the English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, about what happens in the "state of nature" -- or as my students -- they'll be writing on it on their midterm.

What can you do? Well join the demonstrations, wear the Layniewear skin, but also vote on this JIRA: It's important -- please do it!

Oh and also go buy skins from the legitimate creators. I bit the bullet and bought one from Abyss last evening.

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