Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Flight of Fancy

** I managed to fry my husband's laptop. Why is this important you ask? It had the better graphics card. *cries* So I am back to my desktop and less than ideal images to post until I can see if I can replace the graphics card in this machine. It was nice while it lasted :( **

On to today's post. I have visited Silent Sparrow on several occasions, mostly to view the wonderful surrealistic images of Jessica Ornitz. But I had never felt that the Silent Sparrow style was for me and the prices were a bit high for me to experiment. Then the fashion feed whispered "sale", so I thought let's give it another chance.

What I found was Poppies" in purple. It's a bit spooky, very elegant and more than worth the sale price of L$ 150. I particularly enjoy the detailing on the corset-type top and the wonderful filmy prim skirt. It comes with the wonderful long gloves, but I did have to make some glitch pants to protect myself from nasty system skirt breaks. Please designers -- including those makes an avi happy :)

I'm wearing the Princess Nieve set in lavender from Alienbear Gupte [bought in a post-holiday sale]. Maaliyah in auburn burnt from ETD, Miriel's Late Sunset eyes and the wonderful Fleur [formerly Tete a Pied] Boutique Parfait 1 skin in strawberry. My shoes are Shiny Things T-straps revamped in black [from the discount balcony section]

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