Sunday, February 10, 2008

Make up your mind Sam!

My original outfit for today's Fleur reopening was Last Call's Elizabeth in green, with my usual Maaliyah in Auburn, Fleur Boutique skin Strawberry Parfait 1 and my new Airen jewelry set from Alienbear Gupte. I had even purchased new shoes from Adam n Eve to match the hem color of the gown. And I had my good friend, Fury, take pictures of me during our Saturday photo shoot. [The image on the left is by her] But the best laid plans ...

Then Roslin dropped the new Shoujo skins on me and suggested that we wear something from Fleur's new neighbor, Nicky Ree. My friend, Noena Merlin, suggested the Roslin gown [surprisingly enough NOT named for Fleur's Roslin]. I decided on ETD's Eglantine in Chestnut burnt at Noena's suggestion. My friend Fury then suggested something lighter so I landed on Sky burnt in Eglantine, but then Noena pointed out that I was covering the eye design on the Shoujo skin 5 that I had chosen to wear.

After cycling through my ETD styles in Sky we landed on the dollarbie, Phoebe, which I then wore. Thanks to Noena & Fury and Noena again for helping me find the right combination! I switched to Alienbear's Princess Nieve in purple for my jewelry. The spring heels from Shiny Things in the picture ended up being replaced by Aphrodite Outlander's Serenity in skinpink, mostly to reduce primmage. As it was we were all nailed to the grid by Sunday lag.

I worked the 1pm party -- we had a wonderful time -- many prizes were won and the guests enjoyed a great music stream and the hospitality of Roslin and CJ. Be sure to drop by the new store and enjoy the work of CJ & Roslin!

Credit: photo on the left by Fury Stapleton

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