Sunday, February 3, 2008

Support SL Content Creators III

Well I did the thing I know best, I shopped! I went and bought from 4 of the wonderful content creators in SL. In the two left images I am wearing the tag from the PROTEST AGAINST CONTENT THEFT Group.

I am wearing the *PERSONA* Itaparica pants in dark gray and the top [including the lace insert] in bluish gray made by Myllie Writer. The detail is nicely done and I like the way the top tucks into the pants. My boots are the new Eva Suede Boots in fawn from SLink , made by Siddean Munro. I visited the Kraftika Jewelry shop for the first time having seen some of Anuitka Barthelmess' work in a blog. Didn't buy the blogged item, but fell in love with No. 109 with its fan shaped pendant with a subtle gold heart and wonderful asymmetry in the placement of the beads on the neck chain.

But the BIG purchase was my first Abyss skin. I had been eyeing them for a while, but so many choices and even more lindens ... but with the attention paid to skin texture theft yesterday I wanted to put my pixels where my avi was so to speak LOL I am wearing the Abyss Jadzia Illicit 2 B skin and loving it. The surface of the skin is flawless, the B level of lip glossiness suits me fine and the eye makeup is among the best in SL. A lot of lindens for sure, but worth it even without the desire to support SL content creators.

Otherwise I am wearing Maaliyah by ETD in auburn burnt, Beauty Raine's brown rainbow fantasy eyes and Celestial Studios' Classic 6 eyelashes.
edited to correct the duplicate shot in the photo montage.
Also a reminder that Another Fundraiser ends tonight. Get those skins and support the creative content providers of SL!

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