Friday, February 8, 2008

Topping it Off! [A Bit of Spring]

I wasn't finding inspiration this morning so I did what any good avi does -- I rummaged through inventory. Ended up finding these three tops in green, more or less. We often focus on whole outfits or our mix and matches so I thought it would be a nice change to just look at a few of the tops that were tucked into the recesses of my inventory :) Plus the green reminds us of spring ...

On the left is Armidi Gisaci Classic Boucle Sweater in Ash. I'm fond of this because of the subtle color and the lack of primmy parts that need arranging on my small avi. In the middle is Simone Stern's Cuddly Sweater in Leaf with the rose necklace. Two things to note here: the prim parts are very well done -- none of those rolls at the wrists, and the rose necklace that is included on the sweater texture. The latter is very thoughtful as turtleneck attachments often bump any necklace you are wearing. On the right is Pixel Doll's Wraith top in Ocean Jade and again the primmy bits fit rather nicely.

All of these should still be available in a sim near you, so if you are longing for a bit of green in a gray February [at least when I live!] here's a good start on a bit of spring.

Hair is ETD Maaliyah in Chestnut Faded and the skin is Fleur's [TaP] Vivant Terre 2 in buff. BTW don't miss the opening of the new Fleur store on Sunday. Join the Fleur update group for full information!


Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I find I use the Wraith tops a lot without the primmy bits, on the undershirt layer, when I want a bit more cover (neckline/arms)under a contrasting top etc.

Samara Barzane said...

Thanks for the suggestion sheila:)