Sunday, February 10, 2008

Psssssst ... new skins at Fleur

Yesterday Roslin Petion dropped the new Fleur anime-based Shoujo skins on me and made my day :) I normally don't wear skins this pale, but the skin tone and the lip colors and eye makeup make it more than possible. As is appropriate for a manga-inspired look the body details are minimal, but oh those faces! The first two have eyelashes painted on the skin, wonderful for those low prim moments. There are 6 makeups in all.

I've chosen to wear the skins in the Lily tone -- the other is called Lotus. From left to right I am wearing Shoujo 3, Shoujo 5 and Shoujo 1. My hair is Maaliyah in Chestnut faded, Amethyst burnt and Chocolate faded [I think!]

And don't forget the reopening party this afternoon -- at two times -- 1pm SLT and 5pm SLT. The theme is Casino Royale. Come wear your best retro finery and Fleur skins and take your chance at winning some great Fleur prizes. I'll hope to see you there!

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