Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Nod at a Neighbor 's Creativity!

Now that Fleur Skins' sim, Fleur, has moved next to Nicky Ree's sim, Tropical Orchid, I have an excuse to wander over there and look around a bit more than I have in the past. I've got my eye on a few things, but wanted to share what was already in my inventory before I went mad and spent my last linden there LOL.

I DID buy the new tunic dress in aqua and that's on the left of the collage. It's a system skirt and a lovely one and includes the glitch pants that are so necessary for avi modesty ;) I "dyed" the G.L.A.M. free metallic tights to match the prim belt. The shoes are Storm Schmooz' LAQUE in black, part of my booty from my announcing "gig." In all three pictures my skin is Terre 2 in buff from Fleur of course and my hairstyle is Maaliyah from ETD in Cinnamon burnt. [again of course ;)]

In the middle photo I am wearing Nicky's Roslin, which I wore to the Fleur Casino Royale party and blogged here. The shoes are Spring in gold by Shiny Things. On the right I am wearing the Nicole pant suit in green, also by Nicky Ree. Nicole comes with a lot of primmy bits, which I have chosen not to wear. As a small avi I sometimes feel as though they are too much for me and they always need to be adjusted. But the system top, pants and "skirt" for the jacket bottom are wonderful -- and without the primmy bits, the lace detail shows more clearly. The shoes are again LAQUE in black.

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