Friday, February 22, 2008

Odds 'n' Ends

I haven't had a chance to take any new pictures recently so I dug into my blog file and threw this collage together. As you can see I have been playing with PS and it's clear I have no idea what I am doing LOL. Please be kind ;)

On the left is the Septembre outfit from Fleur, which I bought before the rebuild and renaming. For my lindens it is a very sweet and well-done option for a petite avi. No refitting necessary -- I just slid the skirt around a bit. Now if I can just talk Roslin & CJ into putting the clothes back out on the new sim.

In the middle is Ivalde's Marit, one of the dresses in the recent fashion show I announced. I think I said something about the "delicious gathers", but don't hold me to that ;) It was the dress I ran out and bought after the show though. It does come with a black belt on the shirt layer, which both I and the model chose to not wear.

On the right is a "Graphic" t-shirt from a store on the new noir Silent sim, worn with one of Starley Thereian's Valentine gifts to group members, her cords in burnt orange.

In all images the hair is ETD's Patricia in auburn burnt [we reopen this weekend YES!], the skin is Fleur's Terre 2 in buff. On the left two photos I am wearing Shiny Things Lady slingbacks in cream, on the right Shiny Things vintage pumps in chocolate. [Available in the balcony discount section.]

1 comment:

Layara Fearne said...

After having seen the Septembre outfit on you "in person", I can only say that it's a pity Fleur doesn't sell outfits currently.

It was great to meet you after bugging the hell out of you via IM before. ;)