Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunlight & Sioxie

Just when winter's dawn seems the coldest a content creator reminds us that summer's warmth, at least in Phil's Place, is just a system shirt and pants away:) I've enjoyed many of Sioxie Legend's Second Wave Apparel creations, even giving the wonderful SWA silk pants as Christmas presents to my female friends. But the minute I saw her new camis and capris the question was, simply, which ones?

I opted for the capris in "sunwashed" [see first paragraph for the reason ;)] and the cami in "tropical hibiscus." This was only one of many wonderful combinations from the options available at her Plush Omicron store. I had to wait my turn as others cycled through the options, but *finally* they were MINE. And I might add at a very reasonable price.

The formfitting capris are nicely detailed, as is the cami with its lush pattern and perfect lace at the neck back and front. Other credits are below, but I have to mention Violet Voltaire's new jewelry set Angel, full of crystal hearts and primmy delight. It comes in four stone colors and 2 metal colors, of which I have already purchased two LOL. I'm wearing the silver/black combo here. Violet isn't a prolific creator, but what she does is very wonderful indeed!

Skin: Fleur's Shoujo 3 in Lily
Hair: ETD's Maaliyah in cinnamon burnt [We're open again!]
Shoes: *Classy Kitty* SlingBack *LEATHER CORDS* in White [from a Simone sale]

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