Saturday, February 2, 2008

Support Second Life Content Creators

The sad story of content creators' work being stolen in SL continues, thus this post. Today Emilia Redgrave left SL because her skins were ripped off by Bonnie Arado.

The SL fashion community, through the much appreciated intermediary of a concierge level resident, was able to get the work deleted, at least at the Donahoe location. The Bonnie Arado account also seems to have also been deleted. Below is a picture of the demonstration during and after the deletion of the store. Let's be grateful that the Lindens responded in this case at least.

Many people can report better than I so here are a few links that, in turn link to other reports:

What can you do? First don't buy from thieves. Second file an abuse report for every creator who has been ripped off. Include pictures as as much evidence as you can. Don't use the word "copyright" in the header though, as the only route the Lindens recognize for that is the the DCMA process. But enough ARs and notice will be taken as we have seen.