Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When is a Yard Sale More Than a Yard Sale?

Yard Sales can be good or terrible or someplace in between, but when the Yard Sale benefits SL's Relay for Life then it's ALL good!

One such sale is going on this week at Fort Augusta, benefiting The Roma Pro Vita team. Most items for sale are one of a kind, so be sure to pick up your object once bought. What I bought, the Bare Rose Dirty Check outfit, is no longer there, for example, but many other items are. And many items are Roman themed as you might expect!

I think this is an older BareRose item as there are no glitch pants and the neck part of the scarf is system, not sculpty. It's a beat-up tartan look with nice scruffy textures. I'm wearing it with Boon SHY 48 hair in red, my trusty ETD Calf Boots, not back out yet alas :( Skin is Cupcakes Seduction Fresh in Cameo.

So seek out those RFL Yard Sales and you too can find some amazing items, while supporting a worthy cause.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Who put a spell on me?

Srsly, Secondlife™ is a sale festival lately and I can't stop spending.
Crisis? What crisis?

The dress shown in the picture, the Runed Wrap Dress, is part of the still ongoing *Hexed* sale. When I first tried it on I wasn't sure about it - the skirt was a bit too short for my taste, but thanks to Miko Omegamu's video tutorial I managed to adjust it to the desired length without any problems - I guess the awesome texture motivated me enough, et voilĂ , a totally wearable dress! As further precaution against leg exhibition I added the Mesh Black tights from *Sheer* and the Maitreya SoHo Boots in black suede, which I had been hankering for since I first saw the release announcement. I know there's prim feet sold all around the grid (even some freebie ones); I have been beta-testing them lately, but I still prefer the good old toe hiding system of wearing a nice pair of boots (especially because they do not require tinting every time you change skins!!).

Which reminds me, another discount item: the skin. Yup, I'm still on *that* experimental phase where I can't wear the same skin (skin brand, even) for a week - but seriously, how could I? They're all so yummy! Shown above is Laqroki's Alexis skin, from the portrait line, whose prices have all been reduced. At the sight of a Laqroki, I must confess I normally say, "Are you kidding me? At those prices? Not *that* good!"... but I guess 990L for a full pack (6 makeups) is enough to convince me to try them out. All the other portrait skins I tried on made me feel "someone else", but Alexis fit just right. One of these days I may do a skin post - if you don't mind me doing it in a diving suit!

Anyhow... while I was still at the Hexed sale I received a notice from Dark Mouse that announced reduced prices on some items to be retired - so in my shopping daze, off I went! Here you can see the Lapis Lazuli set in silver. Could it be a match made in heaven? The gems wouldn't have fitted the blue on the dress so perfectly if I had done it on purpose!! I paid about 50L for all three sets (silver, gold and copper) and all the reduced prices were along those lines, so I bought everything that was on sale, just in case. If the world ends now, I win best accessorized! ;-)

The other items shown are Truth's Nikhita (still from *that* 50L sale), eyes and lashes by Miriel, and the Sunny Day Stone Bangles from EarthStones. Poses with attitude from Long Awkward Pose.

Further outfit details here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flapper time

This look started with a group themed photoshoot...Gangsters and Flappers. I thought I must have something, so delved into my inventory. I came up with a look I had used for a Fleur skin shoot, love it, wish i wore it more but far too formal. I decided to go visit my favourite speakeasy, The Vault, and do a touch of window shopping there.

I came upon Donna Flora, what a treat! As soon as I saw the Holly dress I knew that was the basis for the look. It's nicely textured, draped folds on the front of the top with a wonderful art deco detail forming the back piece. The skirt is quite a construction....starting with the system pants you add a flexi skirt of the same material. A further flexi 'skirt', of a complimentay material, is added as a leg attachment and stockings are also included. This gives the whole dress the Flapper feel. A prim flower adds to the overall look. Wonderful! The folder also contains jewelry but I have left this off as I like the clean lines.

Next on the agenda were shoes...and for some reason I remembered seeing Shiny Things Belles shoes. Off I went to purchase a pair...hmmm..colour? Purple or red? I eventually got both...am bad with decisions...lol....and I am wearing the purple with the dress.

The hair was the next important step and, as I have more hair than I really should have, I went back to my inventory. I ended up with <TheAbyss> Hair - Aeon - Full Moon as it gives that razor sharp, assymetric bob that screams 1920s.

My skin I already knew I was going to choose was Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1...dramatic 1920s, smokey eyed, scarlet lipped pale waif look.

Just one thing left to complete the Flapper look...i needed a cigarette and holder. Ha! Yes, I even have this in my inventory in the form of Digital dragon Vintage Cigarette Holder with Cigarette.

There you have my severe, cool(?), Flapper...ready for her gangster...lol

Shot on location at The Vault, Old Hollywood.


Shape : Custom. FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Biba 1
Hair: Hair - Aeon - Full Moon
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Dress: *Donna Flora* Holly
Shoes: Shiny Things Belles purple
Accesory: Digital dragon Vintage Cigarette Holder with Cigarette

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the Top!

Sometimes the best laid plans of bloggers go pffftt when an new item strays across your field of vision. The minute I saw the Kungler Jackie dress I KNEW I wanted to use it in a mash-up with my fave Soft Black Leather Pants from Ibizarre. Then the ICoN BC earrings and bangles were an obvious choice as were the Kitty's Lair Tease peep toes in white. My hair is one of Mouse Mimistrobell's 3 first hair releases at Dark Mouse. They are all lovely, but Katina in Dark Red just seemed right along with the Tuli Meredith Captivating Copper skin in Light.

Hence "To the Top" pushed another ready-to-go image down the pipeline a bit :)

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mash Times 2

Sometimes a mashup comes with buying a new item and then creating a "look" around it. Other times it comes from somewhat random wanders in one's inventory. This post contains one result of each method.

One method I use when I don't know what to wear is to search for a specific color and wear the first of each kind of item that comes up. Sometimes a little cheating is necessary, but on the whole interesting outfits emerge. This mashup started because I was wearing Tuli's Group Gift Meredith skin, Silver Shine in Sunkissed. So I searched on "blue."

My sweater is the Blue Cashmere Sweater from Catt's Creations [now closed inworld but available on SLX according to her profile] Underneath I have tucked the Smock Tube Top that comes with a sweater from Tres Blah! My jeans are from Second Wave Apparel in Indigo. Shoes are the bottom part of Maitreya's Dune Boots in Blue. My necklace is Lucas Lameth's redo of my old favorite of his, Louvelle. My hair is SHY48 from booN in Blonde.

My second mashup is organized around one of Decoy's newest items, the Izzy Cardigan in Navy. Because I'm a bit modest I'm wearing Sioxie Legend's Cami T-shirts in Tropical Hibiscus underneath. In order to tie it all together I wandered over to artilleri to get the Nina Highwaist Pants in Green and pulled ETD's Hampton Wedges in Caribbean from my inventory. My necklace is an old favorite, the Wooden Heart in Green from Tuli. Hair is ETD Xaria in Auburn Burnt and my skin is Tuli's Meredith Captivating Copper in Pale.

Doing an inventory search or pulling an outfit together for a new item is a good way to find old friends in you inventory.

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice Newness and Some Not So New

When Estelle Parnell of Lost Dreams drops a new dress on me I've learned to scurry to a safe corner, unpack it and try it on, which is followed, more often than not, by happy sounds. Such was the case with her new Abbey, which I am wearing in Pink. It is a simple design, yet wonderful in movement. The flexi bits move beautifully, despite being an alpha pain in the a** to photograph. Finding a good necklace was hard as many "bumped" the chest prims and/or disappeared into the floaty bits. I finally settled on Alienbear Gupte's Teardrop set in Peach. Even so the teardrop of the necklace has tucked itself under the flutters. Hair is ETD's Tiana in Auburn Burnt, skin is Crurio Sugarplum with freckles in Lumine. Shoes are the new Satin Gladiators from Polina Kaestner, which I had on from the picture below. They worked so they stayed!

I'm wearing some older items from Style Starts Here in order to show off the new scarf and shoes from Polina Kaestner. The shoes are the Satin Gladiators in Beige worn also above. The scarf is one of the nicest I have seen on the grid. It is called Carre de soie and I'm wearing it in orange. It has that Parisian je ne sais quoi of a designer silk scarf that we all hanker after. Hair is Truth's Ivy in Apricot and my skin is Tuli Meredith Captivating Copper 3 in Pale. The SSH items are the Inked Jeans and the White Crossover Knot Top.

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Worth a Second Look ...

When Elika drops new ETD hair on her staff I always run into a corner to try it on. It is never "bad hair", but sometimes it just doesn't seem to suit me on first wearing, so it gathers dust in my inventory. But then, sometimes, for any number of reasons, it pops back up and WOW it works:) This was my experience with Camille which I am wearing in both pictures in this post. I can't tell you why it didn't "click" the first time, but it's clicking now! The other common elements in both images are the Polished Stone short necklace from Persona in tiger-eye, my custom skin from Soda Design and eyes from Bijou.

The Aoharu sculpted Drapery Dress was one I also dismissed when it was released. I was just sure that the sculpted prims wouldn't move well. But during the recent Aoharu sale the dress just begged to be taken home, so I did and I'm glad. It fits beautifully AND it wears well in motion. Shoes are Maitreya Verve in Brown.

My inner blonde made her appearance. My shoes and jeans are ETD. The shoes are Elika's Heel Strap Platforms that I wear regularly in Sunshine. The jeans are the silver ones. They aren't back out yet though:( I just love the texture on these. The camisole peeking out from under the Charcoal Wrap Sweater from Mojo, is the Simple Shimmer Tank from Cupcakes in Lemon.

Check YOUR inventory often or you'll never know what's worth a second look!

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just some bohemian junk

Hi again! I hope the return from the Easter break (for those who had a break, or Easter) hasn't been too rough... I was lucky to be able to go on a short holiday and, although getting back to routine hasn't been easy and the title of this post may suggest that I'm either grumpy or suffering from post-holiday depression, I'm not! The origin of such title (and in fact, for the whole outfit I'm going to show you) resides in a beautiful pair of earrings that I bought at {JUNK} thanks to a hint that Berry Singh gave me. Let me introduce you to...

...the Bohemian Chandelier earrings! For lovers of big, dramatic earrings, these are just the perfect pair.

Later that evening I was wandering around a shopping mall, hoping to spend a few more L$ on clothes, when I came across a little place called BeNoir Designs - which I'd never heard of before. When I saw this fantastically textured top, Sara, I thought: WIN! It's sold in a pack with four different colours; besides, matching skirts are also available, but I decided against buying the full pack to avoid looking excessively uniformed (school trauma still kicks in sometimes...).

Plus, I still remembered that I had been keeping this skirt in the closet too long, the Princess black velvet skirtset from the .2811. line of PixelDolls, which I bought at the recently concluded 50L sale. Nicely matching the earrings in name and the skirt in colour are the shoes, the Urban Bohemian anklewrap flats by Boing Fromage! (I didn't really manage to show them off too well in the pictures, but you can check them out on XStreet). The look called for plenty of accessories, so for good measure and extra blackness I added my good old Leather ring wristband from ETD, the RFL Sakura Pirate bangles from (nova) (a group gift to celebrate the opening of the Clothing Fair) and the ~flirt~Tiffany belly jewel, another treat for their faithful group members.

But that's not all! My hair is the newly released Chel from ETD (a gift from Sam! <3); style="font-weight: bold;">Julia01 (black catliner) by Lazolli, available in a pack for just 1L at their main store and, finally (as usual) the eyes and lashes are from Miriel and the poses from Long Awkward Pose.
Full outfit details on Flickr, slurls here.

**Edit: the slurl to BeNoir isn't on the Wordpress list, so here it is.**

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Canimal Carnival

OK, yet again, my outfit started with the shoes...lol. I had seen Canimals Cherry Darlings on one of the feeds a while back and to be honest had been avoiding going over to Canimal. You see, Canimal is one of those shops I class as lethal and as such avoid so that I don't bankrupt myself...lol. I will buy something everytime I visit. Anyway I popped over because those shoes haunted me. They are mule wedges with a pretty cherry pattern and a plain black heel. A must have.

Then I wandered around the shop, like you do...lol...thinking 'I bet there is a dress to go with these somewhere here.' It was then that I discovered the Nox dress in red. It has a black corset with a red and black striped 'bra'. The flexi skirt is the same stripes but had a lace under layer that shows beneath the upper skirt layer. Beautifully designed and textured.

I immediately knew which skin and hair I wanted to wear with it....Fleur Allure Truffle Biba 1 and BP*big bomb hair1. The Biba make up is striking with heavy, smokey lids and red lips...in one of Fleurs paler tones it was the dramatic look I was after. BP's hair finished off the drama to give that side show feel to the whole ensemble. However, there was still something missing.....so I rummaged through my stockings and came out with LBD AmourStockings in red. To top it all off I added Caroline..Low Prim Black Bands Choker...icing on the cake...lol.

Now I had the perfect excuse to go do that shoot at the Carnival of Doom...lol


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Biba 1
Hair: BP*big bomb hair1
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Dress: Canimal - Nox (red)
Shoes: Canimal - Cherry Darlings
Stockings: LBD AmourStockings red
Jewelry: Caroline..Low Prim Black Bands Choker
Snow Tiger: Zoobys

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The talented Sioxie Legend has put some selected summer items on SALE, including her always wonderful capris and those amazing new Ruffled Tops. Look for the SALE signs throughout the store.

I've blogged her capris before, but somehow I had not bought the pink striped ones and look how well they go with the Lilac Ruffled Shirt, which I now own in a few colors, but not enough yet!

Other details: ETD Starley shoes in PINK, The NEW ETD Sarah hair in Copper and the Curio Sugarplum makeup in Lumine.

Here's your limo! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Soigne/132/124/24

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

East meets West

Until a few months ago, Zaara had always been my place of reference for ethnic wear. I was, however, pleasantly surprised when Zaara Kohime began adding some everyday wear to her store. I guess I wasn't the only one who received the news with glee, since after that we've seen her evolve from a relatively little store in the Tesla sim to a whole sim of its own. If you've never been to the Zaara sim, I really recommend the visit -- even if you don't plan to buy anything, it's worth seeing the amazing build and taking some photos. For those who are easy to convince, I'll list a few reasons to teleport over and spend some Lindens.

See? Amazing textures and sculpties all over the place. The top is Mitali in olive; it includes sleeve prims but I left those out because I like how the top looks without them (ok, and I was too lazy to adjust them, too). Mitali comes with a convenient midriff cover on the underpants layer, so you can wear it tucked in if you're modest like me ;-)
The Jewelled Jeans in blue, also from Zaara, are one of my favourite pairs among the hundreds (maybe thousands...) in my inventory. They're not just another nondistinct pair for two reasons: first, the hanging jewels that adorn the hip have a very feminine touch, with a mixture of gold and turquoise; and second, they include several options for the legs -- shown in the pics is the slouchy version, made of sculpties, but there's also the flared and skinny versions, which will suit all kinds of needs. The shoes, Korina in fabric and olive, are another treat that was included in the LeLutka gift bag for women (no longer available from notices, I'm afraid).
Normally I resort to Miriel for eyes and lashes (which I did again this time), but those are not the only things they sell. Another item that excels in quality at this store is the jewellery -- at reasonably low prices. The Bubble earrings I'm wearing here are from the Miriel Everyday collection; I only paid 25L (for the silver only version) and they include a script to change the colour of the gems. What else can I ask for?
The skin is one of the newest releases from Fleur, #2 from the Shoujo Spring series in the darkest skintone, Azalea; the hair is Truth's Hallie in cranberry, and poses are from the Torridwear subscriber pack which was sent to old members as well earlier this week. So, if you haven't done it yet, head off to Menel and get them!

Full credits on my flickr, slurls on wordpress.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lazy Layering

We all love to layer in Phil's Place-it allows us to show off our skill in mix 'n' match as well as the fun of having an outfit that WE created. But in the transitional season we're experiencing in my corner of the world lazy layering seems good. By this I don't mean just wearing an outfit out of the box, but using items that come with the layers built it. Sort of "rightclick/layer" :) I'm featuring two such items in this post, one from Nylon Outfitters, the other from Pink Outfitters. Hmmm ... I sense a theme here!

My Layered Beaded Sweater Set in Purple & Yellow is from Nylon Outfitters. I'm wearing the Yellow layered option. While you do get 2 sweaters and two sweaters with camisoles all are on the jacket layer and there are no separate camisoles. But we're being lazy remember ? My trousers are Ibizarre's Basic Pants in Goldkaro. Shoes are Mishima Dawn in Puce by Maitreya. Hair is Luth from ETD. It SHOULD be in Auburn Burnt, but it could also be Caramel. I'm wearing a Shoujo DNB Skin in Azalea. Necklace is the old Tuli Wooden Heart one that I wish she would make in blue sometime.

During the Pink Outfitters sale I bought a number of items including the Fi Cardigan & Cami Set in signature pink. Again you get the cardigan alone as an option, but not the cami. I'm wearing Ibizarre Basic Pants in Asian Flowers and Cattiva's Aprilstars Patent Oxford Pumps in Bubblegum. Hair is Truth's Elizabeth 2 in Auburn. Skin is the Valentine Pink Fleur Shoujo in Azalea. Jewlry is the feather metal change set from MiamMiam, part of the now closed G.L.A.M. store.

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Thus ends the lazy layering.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Two for the Hounds

Houndstooth that is :)

I saw the [Y.M.X.] houndstooth dress black on the fashion feed and wanted it, but waited to blog it until now when I found its soulmate at Lost Dreams :) The pattern on the dress is somewhat similar, but it's the cut and details that makes then into two different looks. On the Y.M.X. dress I adore the little bow and the heart buttons, as well as the black band around the neck and down the front. My shoes are the ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Black. I have not a clue where my hair is from--I was in a "let's explore other hair just in case..." My skin is Tuli's Group Gift Meredith Starshine 3 in Sunkissed. Earring are the Gypsy Soul Earrings from Love Chic in Gold.

Houndstooth is also the inspiration for Estelle Parnall's Lost Dreams Phoebe Houndstooth Dress. Same pattern, same attention to nice little details, but a very different dress. Here I adore the belt Buckle prim as well as the little cross stitches around the deep scoop neckline. This dress is a little more racy than the Y.M.X, so something for every taste! I'm wearing ETD's Loraine 2 in Auburn, Fleur's Spring Shoujo 5 in Azalea and ETD's peep Toe Slingbacks in Black. My jewelry is Primagine's RFL Everday, on sale to benefit cancer research through July 19.

Poses are by Flowey and Dove Swanson.

My conclusion? Houndstood is the the new black.

Double Dutch

I am never too great at mixing and matching so this outfit is a sort of treat for me..lol.
It started with AG - Lara's Boots...long story but I asked a friend of a friend about where she got them from...you have to purchase the whole costume to get the boots. I love them! Chunky, midcalf laced boots with socks worked into the leg attachement. Great textures and feel to them.

Then whilst walking round Le Look I wondered into Dutch Touch and saw their pretty Plaid Top - Green. Hmmm....I wasnt keen on the white undershirt that came with it so I was thinking what to use when i spyed their SuNny Dress Black. OK...I used the shirt layer and pants of the dress and the open jacket and prim skirt of the top. Both outfits have wonderful rich textures and many layers to play with. I will be wearing the dress on its own as it is a wonderful piece in itself.

OK...hair? Well....with ETD releasing 4 new hairs what else could I do but use one with the outfit. The new ETD Chel - Black looked just right. (I picked up all 4 styles all in the Natural 1 packs).

The skin is Fleur Allure Smudged 1 in Truffle and the eyes Miriel Platinum (Big).

Not my usual classic look but something a bit more funky and fun.


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Smudged 1
Hair: ETD Chel - Black
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Vest and pants - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: SuNny Dress Black 1
Top: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Plaid Top - Green- open
Boots: AG - Lara's Boots

New from Elika and First from Mouse!

This is a hair blogging day. I'm wearing one of Elika's new styles in the new [and wonderful] textures, as well as Mouse Mimistrobell's first hair. I'm wearing both styles with ETD's Scoop Neck Tops and Callie Cline's new jeans, plus Detour and Tommyboy sneakers. My skin is my new custom one from Soda Designs.

The first style I'm sharing is one of ETD's new styles in Elika's all new textures, Torwen in Auburn. It is very loose, wish yummy alpha bits that flutter and give the hair a lightness despite it's bulk. Welcome back Elika! My jewelry is Primagine's RFL Everday set donated to help riaise money for cancer research. You can get it in her store on Kilimarta as well as the Passionate Redheads RFL Shop on Sacre Bleu.

Next is Mouse's first and, so far, only hairstyle [will get name when inworld next] in Dark Blonde. It was an April Group Gift. Those of us on Plurk have been commenting on various stages in the development of this style and, I have to say, for a first attempt it is light years better than much that I have seen around the grid. I love the wavy bang across the forehead and the straight long ponytail from the poofed back. Mousie -- please make it in red :) Jewelry is the new Gaea necklace from Lucas Lameth in Coral & Gold. It's a bit dressy for the outfit, but it's *my* Second Life (tm)

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sangria Skirt

After a long abscence a shopping spree was a must. I discovered this stunning high waisted skirt at Maitreya but which colour to choose? All of them screamed me, me me..., hmmmm....the red yelled the loudest...lol. So, a well crafted system skirt, with wonderful textures, is made a must have by the 'belt'. This clever attachment comes with a resize script..perfect!

Next decision was 'What do I wear with it?' My first choice was going to be a crisp, white, stylish shirt. However, I failed to find one to my liking that went well with the skirt so I had a rethink. Eureka! Gisaci's trenchcoat! I already owned it in nero (black) and tried it on....lol. That's the top sorted.

OK...hair...seems to be my all purpose style at the moment Truths Gillian and shoes...yes, again, ZYCreations Black Stiletto Pumps.

However, there was something still missing.....i dove into my accessories and came out with /artilleri/ greta glasses in black. Yes! Perfect for that serious but sexeh librarian look.

I will be going back for more colours of that high waisted skirt...I can still hear them calling...lol


Shape: Custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Cinnamon (Fury Holiday Custom)
Hair: *TRUTH* Gillian - Black
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Skirt: Maitreya HighSkirt - Sangria
Top: {Gisaci} Lima Trenchcoat Jacket - Nero
Shoes: ZY Creations Black Leather Pointed Pumps
Glasses: /artilleri/ greta *black*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost Dreams . . . . . . . . . Can be found!

Just before the RFL Clothing Fair Estelle Parnall, the creator behind Lost Dreams, asked for volunteer models from her update group. I was lucky enough to be asked to pose for her in these two beautiful dresses, the Ellie Black Evening Dress & the Glamazon Ruby Red Dress. They are available at her store now. Ellie is in the main room while Ruby is to the right in the Glamazon section with other goodies :)

The Glamazon Ruby Red Dress is a nicely textured slinky dress with a sleeveless top crowned by a sparkling diamond collar. I'm wearing ETD's Aiiyanna in Smoke and Celestal Studio's Deviant Nation Vogue Vamp-Beguile in Champagne.

Ellie is a stunning full-length slender formal. The minute it rezzed on me for the shoot I started purring. The texture of the top is detailed and elegant. Hair is ETD Patricia in Caramel Burnt and my skin is a Custom Soda in Sand.

The jewelry in both pictures is the Vine necklace and earrings created by Dexter Bachman available at his store in Porcupine as well as at Bellissima. Shoes are moot LOL

Here's your limo to Lost Dreams: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ambrosius/173/136/22