Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To the Top!

Sometimes the best laid plans of bloggers go pffftt when an new item strays across your field of vision. The minute I saw the Kungler Jackie dress I KNEW I wanted to use it in a mash-up with my fave Soft Black Leather Pants from Ibizarre. Then the ICoN BC earrings and bangles were an obvious choice as were the Kitty's Lair Tease peep toes in white. My hair is one of Mouse Mimistrobell's 3 first hair releases at Dark Mouse. They are all lovely, but Katina in Dark Red just seemed right along with the Tuli Meredith Captivating Copper skin in Light.

Hence "To the Top" pushed another ready-to-go image down the pipeline a bit :)

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

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Stacie said...

Oh wow...fantastic look! I love it! :)