Friday, April 17, 2009

Worth a Second Look ...

When Elika drops new ETD hair on her staff I always run into a corner to try it on. It is never "bad hair", but sometimes it just doesn't seem to suit me on first wearing, so it gathers dust in my inventory. But then, sometimes, for any number of reasons, it pops back up and WOW it works:) This was my experience with Camille which I am wearing in both pictures in this post. I can't tell you why it didn't "click" the first time, but it's clicking now! The other common elements in both images are the Polished Stone short necklace from Persona in tiger-eye, my custom skin from Soda Design and eyes from Bijou.

The Aoharu sculpted Drapery Dress was one I also dismissed when it was released. I was just sure that the sculpted prims wouldn't move well. But during the recent Aoharu sale the dress just begged to be taken home, so I did and I'm glad. It fits beautifully AND it wears well in motion. Shoes are Maitreya Verve in Brown.

My inner blonde made her appearance. My shoes and jeans are ETD. The shoes are Elika's Heel Strap Platforms that I wear regularly in Sunshine. The jeans are the silver ones. They aren't back out yet though:( I just love the texture on these. The camisole peeking out from under the Charcoal Wrap Sweater from Mojo, is the Simple Shimmer Tank from Cupcakes in Lemon.

Check YOUR inventory often or you'll never know what's worth a second look!

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

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