Monday, April 27, 2009

Who put a spell on me?

Srsly, Secondlife™ is a sale festival lately and I can't stop spending.
Crisis? What crisis?

The dress shown in the picture, the Runed Wrap Dress, is part of the still ongoing *Hexed* sale. When I first tried it on I wasn't sure about it - the skirt was a bit too short for my taste, but thanks to Miko Omegamu's video tutorial I managed to adjust it to the desired length without any problems - I guess the awesome texture motivated me enough, et voilà, a totally wearable dress! As further precaution against leg exhibition I added the Mesh Black tights from *Sheer* and the Maitreya SoHo Boots in black suede, which I had been hankering for since I first saw the release announcement. I know there's prim feet sold all around the grid (even some freebie ones); I have been beta-testing them lately, but I still prefer the good old toe hiding system of wearing a nice pair of boots (especially because they do not require tinting every time you change skins!!).

Which reminds me, another discount item: the skin. Yup, I'm still on *that* experimental phase where I can't wear the same skin (skin brand, even) for a week - but seriously, how could I? They're all so yummy! Shown above is Laqroki's Alexis skin, from the portrait line, whose prices have all been reduced. At the sight of a Laqroki, I must confess I normally say, "Are you kidding me? At those prices? Not *that* good!"... but I guess 990L for a full pack (6 makeups) is enough to convince me to try them out. All the other portrait skins I tried on made me feel "someone else", but Alexis fit just right. One of these days I may do a skin post - if you don't mind me doing it in a diving suit!

Anyhow... while I was still at the Hexed sale I received a notice from Dark Mouse that announced reduced prices on some items to be retired - so in my shopping daze, off I went! Here you can see the Lapis Lazuli set in silver. Could it be a match made in heaven? The gems wouldn't have fitted the blue on the dress so perfectly if I had done it on purpose!! I paid about 50L for all three sets (silver, gold and copper) and all the reduced prices were along those lines, so I bought everything that was on sale, just in case. If the world ends now, I win best accessorized! ;-)

The other items shown are Truth's Nikhita (still from *that* 50L sale), eyes and lashes by Miriel, and the Sunny Day Stone Bangles from EarthStones. Poses with attitude from Long Awkward Pose.

Further outfit details here.

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