Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When is a Yard Sale More Than a Yard Sale?

Yard Sales can be good or terrible or someplace in between, but when the Yard Sale benefits SL's Relay for Life then it's ALL good!

One such sale is going on this week at Fort Augusta, benefiting The Roma Pro Vita team. Most items for sale are one of a kind, so be sure to pick up your object once bought. What I bought, the Bare Rose Dirty Check outfit, is no longer there, for example, but many other items are. And many items are Roman themed as you might expect!

I think this is an older BareRose item as there are no glitch pants and the neck part of the scarf is system, not sculpty. It's a beat-up tartan look with nice scruffy textures. I'm wearing it with Boon SHY 48 hair in red, my trusty ETD Calf Boots, not back out yet alas :( Skin is Cupcakes Seduction Fresh in Cameo.

So seek out those RFL Yard Sales and you too can find some amazing items, while supporting a worthy cause.


Fury said...

Saw you in this yesterday and you looked a dream :)

Elaine Lisle said...

I agree with Fury - you look great!!