Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost Dreams . . . . . . . . . Can be found!

Just before the RFL Clothing Fair Estelle Parnall, the creator behind Lost Dreams, asked for volunteer models from her update group. I was lucky enough to be asked to pose for her in these two beautiful dresses, the Ellie Black Evening Dress & the Glamazon Ruby Red Dress. They are available at her store now. Ellie is in the main room while Ruby is to the right in the Glamazon section with other goodies :)

The Glamazon Ruby Red Dress is a nicely textured slinky dress with a sleeveless top crowned by a sparkling diamond collar. I'm wearing ETD's Aiiyanna in Smoke and Celestal Studio's Deviant Nation Vogue Vamp-Beguile in Champagne.

Ellie is a stunning full-length slender formal. The minute it rezzed on me for the shoot I started purring. The texture of the top is detailed and elegant. Hair is ETD Patricia in Caramel Burnt and my skin is a Custom Soda in Sand.

The jewelry in both pictures is the Vine necklace and earrings created by Dexter Bachman available at his store in Porcupine as well as at Bellissima. Shoes are moot LOL

Here's your limo to Lost Dreams:


Elaine Lisle said...

someone's looking very elegant :-)

Bellissima Maternity said...

I am impressed with that Ruby red dress..