Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lazy Layering

We all love to layer in Phil's Place-it allows us to show off our skill in mix 'n' match as well as the fun of having an outfit that WE created. But in the transitional season we're experiencing in my corner of the world lazy layering seems good. By this I don't mean just wearing an outfit out of the box, but using items that come with the layers built it. Sort of "rightclick/layer" :) I'm featuring two such items in this post, one from Nylon Outfitters, the other from Pink Outfitters. Hmmm ... I sense a theme here!

My Layered Beaded Sweater Set in Purple & Yellow is from Nylon Outfitters. I'm wearing the Yellow layered option. While you do get 2 sweaters and two sweaters with camisoles all are on the jacket layer and there are no separate camisoles. But we're being lazy remember ? My trousers are Ibizarre's Basic Pants in Goldkaro. Shoes are Mishima Dawn in Puce by Maitreya. Hair is Luth from ETD. It SHOULD be in Auburn Burnt, but it could also be Caramel. I'm wearing a Shoujo DNB Skin in Azalea. Necklace is the old Tuli Wooden Heart one that I wish she would make in blue sometime.

During the Pink Outfitters sale I bought a number of items including the Fi Cardigan & Cami Set in signature pink. Again you get the cardigan alone as an option, but not the cami. I'm wearing Ibizarre Basic Pants in Asian Flowers and Cattiva's Aprilstars Patent Oxford Pumps in Bubblegum. Hair is Truth's Elizabeth 2 in Auburn. Skin is the Valentine Pink Fleur Shoujo in Azalea. Jewlry is the feather metal change set from MiamMiam, part of the now closed G.L.A.M. store.

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

Thus ends the lazy layering.

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