Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mash Times 2

Sometimes a mashup comes with buying a new item and then creating a "look" around it. Other times it comes from somewhat random wanders in one's inventory. This post contains one result of each method.

One method I use when I don't know what to wear is to search for a specific color and wear the first of each kind of item that comes up. Sometimes a little cheating is necessary, but on the whole interesting outfits emerge. This mashup started because I was wearing Tuli's Group Gift Meredith skin, Silver Shine in Sunkissed. So I searched on "blue."

My sweater is the Blue Cashmere Sweater from Catt's Creations [now closed inworld but available on SLX according to her profile] Underneath I have tucked the Smock Tube Top that comes with a sweater from Tres Blah! My jeans are from Second Wave Apparel in Indigo. Shoes are the bottom part of Maitreya's Dune Boots in Blue. My necklace is Lucas Lameth's redo of my old favorite of his, Louvelle. My hair is SHY48 from booN in Blonde.

My second mashup is organized around one of Decoy's newest items, the Izzy Cardigan in Navy. Because I'm a bit modest I'm wearing Sioxie Legend's Cami T-shirts in Tropical Hibiscus underneath. In order to tie it all together I wandered over to artilleri to get the Nina Highwaist Pants in Green and pulled ETD's Hampton Wedges in Caribbean from my inventory. My necklace is an old favorite, the Wooden Heart in Green from Tuli. Hair is ETD Xaria in Auburn Burnt and my skin is Tuli's Meredith Captivating Copper in Pale.

Doing an inventory search or pulling an outfit together for a new item is a good way to find old friends in you inventory.

My poses are from AnnaH/StoRin, Luth, Analu, Flowey and [LAP] --thank you ladies for making me look less like a noob :)

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