Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ibizarre + Muism = Cozy Winter Outfit

I wanted to wear the Muism open cotton shirt with it's prim cuffs, but what to wear over it? My good friend, Fury Stapleton, asked if I had seen Ibizarre's "vests". I had gotten stuck at the other end of that wall mesmerized by the scarves and hadn't. So off I went. This is the Ibizarre Knit Pattern Tank in black. Look carefully to see the subtle pattern. My slacks are also from Ibizarre -- their soft black leather ones.

I am also wearing ETD's Luth in auburn burnt, (luc) Fashion Jewelry's Celest set with the metal set to black, and the Retrohoochie Pump in Black. I'm pretty sure my skin is Fleur Allure Lounge 2 in cinnamon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honesty is the Best Policy

I had a struggle about what to title this post. The other option was "Sam Goes to Muism and FINALLY Buys something," but the reason for the title will come clear shortly.

I was talking to Grazia Horwitz about how I didn't "get" Muism and would she take me over sometime and help me see the light. Well impatient avi that I am, I couldn't wait. I had some lindens burning a hole in my pxel pockets so off I went. I bought the Open Cotton Shirt and the Tartan Jacket, which I then paired with the old G.L.A.M. buttoned pants in gray and the Autumn scarf from Ibizarre. [OK so now I'm a scarf slut too--so sue me ;)] Hair is the new Prissy in Dark Copper, skin is Fleur Allure Lounge 3 in Cinnamon, shoes are DeLa's Stella in Beige.

Now for the honesty part. The scarf sticks out the back of the shirt's prim collar, so you either need to move the scarf waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay forward or wear, as I did, hair that covers it in the back. The scarf itself is no-mod so that's the only option. On the other hand it's a great look. Maybe I can talk Anyusha into making us some half scarves ;)

Soooooooooo... here's another set of shots without the collar and with the DeLa shoes in Sweet Chocolate. I am also wearing one of Curious Kitties Nyanotech hairstyles. These styles come with a HUD for changing color, although Neko 1, this red, is my favorite. The style is called Lxei.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black is the new ..... Black

I'm beginning to think Grazia Horwitz and I are twins separated at birth as she just blogged some nice black dresses. If I hadn't been so sodding lazy I would have been first LOL

Below is another of the very creative dresses designed by ~*RunoRuno*~ named Hyperkinetic Dress in Black. Her work is so imaginative and very reasonably priced. This one is no exception. The textures and prim shapes are wonderful and it does move nicely! I'm wearing ETD's Tiana in auburn burnt, Fleur's Allure Lounge 2, in Truffle I think and the earrings from (luc) Fashion Jewelry's Celest set. Booties are the Kristen ones, on sale at ETD until December 26 for very little indeed along with the rest of the store.

Second I am wearing a nicely designed dress from Ibizarre named Edina. Be sure to check Ibizarre out as Anyusha Lillenthal has some wonderful new items, including some of the scarves I blogged yesterday. I like the black on gray of the large cowl collar and the waist area. It is a very chic look for a night on the town. Skin and earrings are the same as above, although the skintone may be cinnamon. The hair is Luth from ETD, which I just discovered while helping a customer at the store. It's in auburn burnt. Shoes are Maitreya's Mishima Dawn in Shiny/Suede black, a color unfortunately discontinued :(

My third "little black dress" is also from Ibizarre and is one of Anyusha Lilienthal's new releases for A Winter Fairy Tale beginning next month. It is called Paloma and I'm wearing it in "almost black," that is to say, Charcoal. The gold details and textures, including the belt are very well done. Jewelry is the Celest set again. I'm wearing the same skin and Luth in Sunny. Shoes are Maitreya's Free Black Slinky Stilettos in black.

So a few non-standard, but very wearable "little black dresses", thus making black ... well you get the idea ;)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scarves are the new ... um new something LOL

I just realized that I've been writing this blog for over a year and have actually done over 100 posts. Doesn't seem like that long or that much, except when inspiration doesn't strike. In this case I *am* going back to an earlier post found here. Please no laughing-that was my old graphics card.

Scarves have been running wild over the grid and, with the idea that two necks are better than one, I asked my good friend, Jaydie Sapeur, if she would join me in this post. Since I'm the one that gave her her first Ibizarre scarf I guess saying no was not an option ;)

I'm not exactly sure how I found the Ibizarre scarves. I think I was just checking out the store after having quickly bought the Norway Sweater earlier. Anyway once I saw the Bandanna Scarves at L$50 each and that they were TRANSFER, I bought a fistful to give to friends, among whom Jaydie was one of the first. The she went back and "scarfed" up a few more. Here's what she's wearing:

In the middle photo:
Hair: ETD's Maaliyah
Skin: Adam n Eve - Angel Skin
Scarf: Ibizarre
Pants: Launa Fauna
Eyes: EarthStones - Moldavite
Lashes: Minnu
Jewelry: EarthStones

In the two outside photos:
ETD's Ginny
Skin: Adam n Eve - Angel Skin
Dress: First Impressions
Belt: Ivalde
Lashes: PanJen
Jewelry: EarthStones

Thanks so much, Jaydie, for taking the pictures for us :)

I am wearing an assortment of scarves. On the left Zaara's Kashmiri scarf in maroon. In the center smaller photos I am wearing some of my Ibizarre loot ... erm SCARVES and on the right I'm wearing Creamshop's linen stole in red. Tops are from Mojo, cigarette pants from Joanie by Michami, shoes are the free black Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya. Skin is Allure 2 in cinnamon from Fleur, earrings are from the (luc) Poisedon set.

I guess we are both ready to brave the cold!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stella Redux

I just could resist another "take" on Michami's new Stella. I found the perfect shade in the Sn@tch scarf that changes textures, as well as in the Kitties Lair Anita shoes in brown. Switched to Tyra in Crimson. The rest remains the same :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Stella Challenge: The Case of the Missing Middle

I too, like Grazia, wondered about the "missing middle" in Michima's Stella and, I have to admit, I took the same route she did, tucking one of Milla's Gold Glam Tanks underneath the Stella in Beige.

I normally eschew prim cuffs as they tend to overload my small avi, but these just needed to be slid up slightly. What I am admiring more and more about the beauties coming from Michami is Milla's skill with system layers. The detail on the Stella jacket is outstanding, making you as well dressed from the back as well as the front.

I'm also wearing ETD's Tyra in Platinum Burnt, Lyra Muse's Eclectic in Larkspur and The Tease Peep Toe Pumps in Snake from Kitties Lair. My skin is Fleur ALLURE, of course. It is Lounge 3 in Truffle and I'm having a hard time getting it off my pixels.

So thanks again Grazia! I hope my "mash-up" pleases you all :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Ibizarre Winter!

A friend reminded me that Ibizarre had some new goodies, so off I went:) Didn't get any dresses, but left with this gorgeous and authentic Norway sweater. Every part of it is well done, from the zipper to the turtleneck prim that curves just right for a snuggly fit.

I'm wearing the Ibizarre Basic Pants in Black that I got at the earlier sale and the Mishima Dawn Black suede/patent leather shoe-boots. Hair is ETD Tyra in Cinnamon Burnt, earrings are the new ones from (luc) from the Poseidon set. Skin is, of course, Fleur Allure, specifically Allure Lounge 2 in Cinnamon.

Now I'm ready for how the weather has turned where I live thanks to these wonderful content creators.

As one says in Norway -- Tussen Tak!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To My Fellow Citizens

Be sure to click on the picture for full effect.