Friday, November 7, 2008

An Ibizarre Winter!

A friend reminded me that Ibizarre had some new goodies, so off I went:) Didn't get any dresses, but left with this gorgeous and authentic Norway sweater. Every part of it is well done, from the zipper to the turtleneck prim that curves just right for a snuggly fit.

I'm wearing the Ibizarre Basic Pants in Black that I got at the earlier sale and the Mishima Dawn Black suede/patent leather shoe-boots. Hair is ETD Tyra in Cinnamon Burnt, earrings are the new ones from (luc) from the Poseidon set. Skin is, of course, Fleur Allure, specifically Allure Lounge 2 in Cinnamon.

Now I'm ready for how the weather has turned where I live thanks to these wonderful content creators.

As one says in Norway -- Tussen Tak!

1 comment:

Grazia said...

*note to self* visit Ibizzarre... cute sweater Sam!