Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honesty is the Best Policy

I had a struggle about what to title this post. The other option was "Sam Goes to Muism and FINALLY Buys something," but the reason for the title will come clear shortly.

I was talking to Grazia Horwitz about how I didn't "get" Muism and would she take me over sometime and help me see the light. Well impatient avi that I am, I couldn't wait. I had some lindens burning a hole in my pxel pockets so off I went. I bought the Open Cotton Shirt and the Tartan Jacket, which I then paired with the old G.L.A.M. buttoned pants in gray and the Autumn scarf from Ibizarre. [OK so now I'm a scarf slut too--so sue me ;)] Hair is the new Prissy in Dark Copper, skin is Fleur Allure Lounge 3 in Cinnamon, shoes are DeLa's Stella in Beige.

Now for the honesty part. The scarf sticks out the back of the shirt's prim collar, so you either need to move the scarf waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay forward or wear, as I did, hair that covers it in the back. The scarf itself is no-mod so that's the only option. On the other hand it's a great look. Maybe I can talk Anyusha into making us some half scarves ;)

Soooooooooo... here's another set of shots without the collar and with the DeLa shoes in Sweet Chocolate. I am also wearing one of Curious Kitties Nyanotech hairstyles. These styles come with a HUD for changing color, although Neko 1, this red, is my favorite. The style is called Lxei.

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