Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black is the new ..... Black

I'm beginning to think Grazia Horwitz and I are twins separated at birth as she just blogged some nice black dresses. If I hadn't been so sodding lazy I would have been first LOL

Below is another of the very creative dresses designed by ~*RunoRuno*~ named Hyperkinetic Dress in Black. Her work is so imaginative and very reasonably priced. This one is no exception. The textures and prim shapes are wonderful and it does move nicely! I'm wearing ETD's Tiana in auburn burnt, Fleur's Allure Lounge 2, in Truffle I think and the earrings from (luc) Fashion Jewelry's Celest set. Booties are the Kristen ones, on sale at ETD until December 26 for very little indeed along with the rest of the store.

Second I am wearing a nicely designed dress from Ibizarre named Edina. Be sure to check Ibizarre out as Anyusha Lillenthal has some wonderful new items, including some of the scarves I blogged yesterday. I like the black on gray of the large cowl collar and the waist area. It is a very chic look for a night on the town. Skin and earrings are the same as above, although the skintone may be cinnamon. The hair is Luth from ETD, which I just discovered while helping a customer at the store. It's in auburn burnt. Shoes are Maitreya's Mishima Dawn in Shiny/Suede black, a color unfortunately discontinued :(

My third "little black dress" is also from Ibizarre and is one of Anyusha Lilienthal's new releases for A Winter Fairy Tale beginning next month. It is called Paloma and I'm wearing it in "almost black," that is to say, Charcoal. The gold details and textures, including the belt are very well done. Jewelry is the Celest set again. I'm wearing the same skin and Luth in Sunny. Shoes are Maitreya's Free Black Slinky Stilettos in black.

So a few non-standard, but very wearable "little black dresses", thus making black ... well you get the idea ;)

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