Monday, July 14, 2008


Noena's last post piqued my interest about the Shoe Fair being held right now. So off I went with my SL "bro,"Daaneth Kivioq. We were ostensibly hunting down goodies for his sweetie, but we got sidetracked by these beauties.

I had eyed the Detour Mixflip Sneakers in their main store, but was {censored} if I was going to pay L$350 for a pair of sneakers, no matter how marvelous. But when I hit the fair, I justified my expenditure by muttering to myself that at least I wasn't buying the L$600 ones sold at FNkY!. There are a number of patterns available in the Mixflips, but there was never any question -- it was going to be the Pink Hearts for me!

Daaneth's response to the Akeyo Chucks in Flame was succinct-- "I WANT" And so he got them. They resize by clicking them, pretty cool. Mine came in small, medium and large.

Here I am wearing my Mixflips with ETD Vintage Capris and SWA's Pink Plaid Camisole. Skin is Fleur Shoujo Florence in Lotus. Hair is ETD Patricia in Strawberry.

I guess I'll have to go back to look at the elegant shoes LOL

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