Sunday, July 6, 2008

Noena learns to stop and smell the roses

One of my personal characteristics is "getting what I know I want". It may take a while before I know what it is tho. But when I do have my mind made up I'm very focused.

Same with shopping, when I know what I want to buy, I don't dawdle, but go straight for the desired item. That has some disadvantages, one of them is not seeing much more then the thing I want. Because I TP in, buy and TP out, I miss a lot of the surroundings. For example: I sometimes by accident discover that two of my favorite stores are actually next to each other :/ And a groupnote of one of those favorite stores of mine made me realize it once more that I miss out like that.

Fleur recently send out a note mentioning a fish-game, that is located in the back yard of their clothing-section. Curious me went over there to check it out, only to discover the sweetest little beach! With a landing for the fishing game and a great campfire! With the loveliest atmosphere when enviromment set to midnight.
And that was there for all this time without me knowing it!

From now on I'm going to try to keep my eyes open and lose the blinkers. So storeowners be aware: Noena will be snooping round your shrubs from now on!! :P

Outfit credits:
hair: ETD Janine II in blond
skin: FLEUR Vivant Buff Feline 1
vest: LAST CALL Damara Vest
watch: JCNY Mariner Le

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