Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jumping into Summer!

There a lot of great new summer clothes at Phil's Place, but I have always craved a little jumpsuit such as this one and when VG Republic made it in black, with a zipper from your "guggle to your zatch" [a prize will be given to the first person that correctly where that phrase is from] I was smitten. I bought without knowing about the heart on the back that says "Glamour Chick" so I am doubly smitten.

I bought the sneakers last year from TomBoy on the Callie Cline sim in red. They come is two sizes and laced and unlaced versions. I'm such a klutz even in Phil's Place that I chose laced LOL. BUT -- I was over there yesterday and could not find the store again :( [Again, a small prize to whomever helps me find it first :)]

VG Republic Glamour Chic Jumper in black.
TomBoy Sneakies [laced] in red
ETD Patricia in auburn burnt
Skins are from Fleur of course :)


daanethkivioq said...

The Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber

I give you nine and ninety hours," said the Duke, "to find a thousand jewels and bring them here. When you return, the clocks must all be striking five."

"And if I fail?" asked Zorn.

"I'll slit you from your guggle to your zatch," the Duke replied, "and feed you to the Todal."


Samara Barzane said...

Congratulations :) You have already received your prize ;)

Noena Merlin said...

Now that is a great jumpsuit!! And you wear it well!