Saturday, August 2, 2008


A few days ago my attention was drawn by a notice I got from the LBD-group. I'm a big fan of LeeZu Baxter's designs and I know when she wants you to look at something, it's worth looking.

She mentioned that a new store had been opened on the plaza of "To The Nines". A skinstore. I didn't need to know more and tp'd right over.

The new store belongs to Lion Jonesford, the designer behind LionSkins. I'm afraid I must admit I had never heard of her before, and taking one look at her skins I regret missing out all this time. I was really impressed. My mouth probably fell open while gazing around. :) The textures are great and make-ups amazing in a way I prefer them: runway and theatrical.

Meanwhile I also had the pleasure to meet Lion and she turns out to be a great lady. So now, do yourself a big favor, go try some demos and show your support to this terrific artist!!


picture 1:
- LionSkins -Suzana-pale beast 32
- ETD hair: Deidra - blond
picture 2:
- LionSkins -Suzana-sunkiss run.40
- ETD hair: Maxine - Elika's brown
picture 3:
- LionSkins: Suzana-pale beast 26
- Naughty hair: Maya II - starfish


Fury said...

Thanks for pointing me at these gorgeous skins, I am in I blame you for the hole in my

Great choice, great review, great skins!!

Noena Merlin said...

Ty ty, Fury!
And so so sorry :P