Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sam's "Inner Critter"

I got a blue fox a while back to keep my late friend , Artistic Fimicoloud company, but never really warmed to the head shape or the color. Then, after her death, as I was searching for my "inner critter," as Sunweaver Chieftess, Rita Mariner put it, I came across Cheetah Kitty's Cheetah avatar at Lost Furest and fell in love. My first one was pink for Relay for Life. This is just a quick outfit I tossed together from an old freebie and a Bossa Nova shrug, also free way back when. Hair is ETD Emily in pink burnt.

Of course furry avatars have different dressing issues than human ones, but at least the feet are taken care of *mews*. The cheetah head needs little adjustment for hair fortunately. [The fox was a serious PITA]. Just back a bit and move a couple of strands for Emily.

When I was looking for a black and white cheetah for an event at Club Cutlass [at Buccaneer Bay] I had a very "blonde" moment and couldn't find it again, so I got the Arctic Fox pictured below. I'm wearing a Last Call design, La Muse. Again Emily from ETD in white burnt. I'm also wearing the Paper Couture River Stone necklace, [earrings are an issue for furries] and the mid-length Grey Gloves from Fleur. I didn't win the contest, but it was a lot of fun dressing this avi.

As I stated I originally bought a furry avi to match Artistic, but now that I've found my "inner critter," look for me on the grid as I'll be a FUR from time to time.
Furrily yours,
Sam [don't call me "hun" ] Barzane


daanethkivioq said...

And you make a damn cute Pink Cheetah! Hugs!

Oddy said...

That's exactly what Rik said Sam .. but take care with him, he can be a beast in other ways (winks)