Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing Noena

Finally a blog from the long one of the team. Thank you again Sam for the very kind words. What a way to be introduced!

It is true, according to SL standards we go back a lifetime. I remember the first time we spoke. Samara immediatly pointed out she did not wanted to be called "hun", that her name was "Sam". Hehe, true, I dared to call her "hun" :) But we became friends. Sam is that kind of person that sticks to the ones she holds dear and I love her for that.

Just like Sam, I'm a bit of a busy person. I'm a photographer (NM studio), a model and a CSR at ETD (where I met Sam). If you like you can always take a look at my flickrpage to get a taste of my work:

Yes, I look forward blogging here. So check in regularly, we will do our best to keep it fun and interesting!
Hope you enjoy! Hugs, Noena

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Samara Barzane said...

Welcome Noena:) I know we're going to have fun blogging together :)