Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been unfaithful >>wink<<

Those of you that know me, know that I wear almost exclusively ETD hair. It's not so much out of loyalty, although that is a factor, but because Elika makes the best darn textures and styles on the grid.

So when I was cruising my out of control inventory to get rid of unwanted demos, I ran across a few from Boon, and soon after #75 was mine in Dark Brown and a color called "Mat", which looks ash blonde/gray to me. Bad Sam.

I'm wearing Fleur's Parfait Deux 6 skin in strawberry -- I was wearing the Parfaits this weekend because we had a sale on them at Rue D'Antibes and fell in love again with Roslin and CJ's genius all over again.

My eyes are Miriel's Quiet Green Big. I am wearing the sequined striped cami from "It's All Good" and my jewelry is the charming Butterfly Frolic from Earthtones. All this because I strayed ....

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