Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something in the wind ..... Introducing Noena :)

You may notice a new name for the blog. And soon a new look :)

All this is because my dear friend, Noena Merlin, has agreed to blog with me! YAY! She's been my friend since October 2007, a lifetime in SL(tm) terms. We've worked together at ETD, we've laughed, we've played and we've shopped. Did I say shop ???? We'll both pursue our own styles and, hopefully, occasionally do a joint post.

The blog name has changed because Noena isn't vertically challenged. The new title is a play on our SL(tm) heights, but it is also an American idiom that means something that you say when you intend to tell someone something in the quickest and simplest way possible or the truth of the matter. Well we may not be short-winded, but we will try to tell the truth :)

So please welcome my friend, Noena, to The Long and the Short of It! Let the blogging begin!


Oddy said...

Hi Noena,
Sam it is a great new name for the blog, and I have been thinking - I have a very bad temper, so maybe mine should be called 'Short fuse and a trip to hospital for Rik'
Though perhaps it doesn't trip off the tongue like Oddy's World

Noena (the long one :) said...

Ooow, if that isn't the best introduction ever! Thank you so much Sam!
I do look forward to start blogging with you!!
And I love the title too!!