Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chic Gingham from DelEmm Design

Often two of a good thing is better than one. This is the case with the Gingham Floral Jewelry set from DelEmmDesign. I purchased the purple set first, liking the softness of the gray beads along with the purple and purple gingham ones. What you can see in the left photo is the little ribbon that ties the necklace -- it's FLEXI and it's absolutely adorable. It flutters when you move.

I'm wearing Nyte'n'Day's trimmed camisole in purple, ETD's Maaliyah in Cinnamon burnt and Fleur's Parfait Deux #3 in strawberry.

In the second pair of pictures I am wearing the Green Floral Gingham set, this time the beads are flecked with a sprinkle of bright colors as well as the green gingham and the white. I'm wearing a more wintry outfit [I was grabbing the first green I could find in my wardrobe LOL.] The sweater is the [Decoy] Just Peachy Cardigan in Forest Green, with a Relika tube top underneath. The jeans are my new favorites from ETD, the silver jeans. Hair is the same, but the skin is Fleur Vivant Lustrous 2 in buff.

So you can see two IS better than one :)

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