Saturday, June 21, 2008

Layers are the new Black!

Although both Marni Grut and Sasy Scarborough have blogged nicely on the new Fleur system layer belts, I figured another set of examples couldn't hurt!

I'm showing just how versatile the new system layer belts from Fleur are, by putting together an outfit that uses both the jacket and the shirt layers. My outfit is the new Vacation from *DP* Serendipity in green and brown, which thoughtfully provides the open jacket on both the shirt and the jacket layer. I substituted a cocoa colored camisole for the bra as I am not a bare midriff kind of avi -- and it helps show off the belts better!

In the first pair of photos I am wearing the Triple Hoops belt in Tan, on the left on the jacket layer and on the right on the shirt layer. This is the one of the 6 belts that is worn at the waist position.

In the second set of photos I am wearing the patent leather belt in tangerine on the shirt layer and the leather weave belt in scarlet on the jacket layer. [The buckle is really round --but I kind of like what my pose did to it LOL] Necklace is an old Canimal freebie. Shoes are Shiny Things Supernovas in sunset.

The last photo shows the patent leather lemon belt again with a combination of tops from Ornamental Life. On the shirt layer is the sheer top from Summer Feels Wee and on the undershirt layer is the tube top from Freckled Lizzy. Shoes, hair and cords are ETD -- skin is Fleur Vivant Pin-Up 3 in bronze.

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