Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Knobby Hair Post

After I saw Amacci's new Olivia on the feed I knew it was mine. I like it a LOT, especially the knobs and the escaping tendrils, but after a minute of mulling, I realized I had a number of knobby styles in my inventory. Hence the post title.

I'm wearing Olivia in Henna from the Copper pack. Top is from the new Ibizarre Tweed set. The earrings are the Sofia ones from [chuculet]. Skin is my new standby, Kim Natural Spring Rose from PXL Creations and my eyes are from poetic colors, the Summer-Lavender Field.

And here are the knobs I can remember owning approximately in order of acquisition:
Top row l/r:
Annie May III in Smolder from Celestial Studios; Patootie in Auburn Burnt from ETD
Bottom row l/r:
Christy in Auburn from Deviant Kitties; The Art Teacher in Nutmeg from Tiny Bird.

Each is different from the others, but all share that wonderful knobbiness that seems to entrance me.

Pose by Penny Dreadful Arcade


Terri Zhangsun said...

I find myself buying the same styles of hair over and over again from various vendors. I love long curly and wavy styles and I must have a ton of them in my inventory. I don't know why I do it when they all kind of look the same?

Samara Barzane said...

We should both probably be psychoanalyzed... but continuing to buy "knobs" is cheaper LOL