Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feline Felice-ity

I'm late to the party, but with undies as fine as these, there can never be enough bloggage. Annyka Bekker's foray into lingerie has been stunning. I blogged Yvette earlier, but now it's Felice's turn :)

I'm showing Felice's meticulously textured leopard print in several of the many available colors and in both the long and scanty style panties. On the left I'm supposed to be wearing a mini-skirt prim, but they and I do not normally get along very well. So I didn't even try --instead I went for the longer retro look.

Other details:
Shoes: Precious in black from Zhao, tinted for each color
Skin: Grace Natural Cateyes/Flamenco Lips from PXL Creations
Hair: Ava from Dernier Cri in Red, tinted slightly to suit.

Otherwise it's just "Feline Felice-ity"!

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