Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yvette from Annyka Bekkers

Annyka Bekkers of *blowpop* fame has been teasing us on plurk with her new undies for what seems like forever. Yvette [shown above] was one of the first to make it inworld and her perfectionist streak is showing. Yvette is modest, a bit retro with detailed lace that just hugs your curves. What is also wonderful about her lingerie is that the colors are realistic undies colors, not just some wild colors made to shock. I'm wearing it in pink and loving it!

Shoes are the color change Precious in Silver from Zhao. The bows on the back go beautifully with lacy little things :) Hair is from Exile, Fastball in Eclipse, although I have tinted the light parts a muted red. Skin is PXL Creations for sure, possibly Kim with rose lips, but to be honest I am not sure :(

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Afrosia said...

I loooove this set. I saw it on plurk as well and I raaaan inworld to get 'em! I have em in the deeper pink color. Yaaay! :P