Sunday, July 12, 2009

5th and Oxford Skin Preview

Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot will be opeing a totally new brand shop later today...5th & Oxford. Their first release will be a new skin range called Audrey. A range of rl inspired make ups in 3 skin tones...pale, medium and tanned.

In the second picture I show 5 different make ups from the Fresh, Smokey and Smolder range all in the medium toned skin. Left to right are...

Audrey Fresh 1
Audrey Fresh 5
Audrey Smokey 5
Audrey Smolder 1
Audrey Fresh 3

All the make ups are skillfully done, nicely blended in a fantastic range od colours...from muted naturals to diva night out and everything inbetween.

My current favourite is Fresh 1...which appears natural and, well,

The bodies live upto these creators names....the Audrey body is an improvement on the Fleur Allure body. The shading seems more confidently applied and the details better than ever. There is even texture on the!

When i photographed the body shots I keep the studio dark and the lights diffused...adding my own light in photoshop. This, and the smoothing of my shapes pixels, are the only post editing I have done. how beautiful the skin is in sl.

I cannot wait for 5th and Oxford to open later today...if you want to be there too then follow the landmark in Roslin Petitions picks.

See you there :)


Skin: 5th & Oxford Audrey Skin Range

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