Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 4th Rezday to hyasynth Tiramisu!

T'was yesterday, but I was too busy dancing at her wonderful party. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! In celebration I'm presenting several of hya's most recent delights.

First up is the Lottie Suite in Sterling, which can be edited to any color your heart desires :) It can also be mixed and matched as above. On the right I'm wearing the ballgown without the shrug. On the left I'm wearing the shrug and top with the Pixel Dolls Comfort Skirt in black. The pictures don't do the detail justice.

On the right my hair is ETD's Aiiyanna in Auburn Burnt. The mask is a color change one from Illusions. On the left hair is ETD Aveda Short Bob in Sienna. Shoes are the hyasynths from Shiny Things. My skin in both pictures is from PXL Creations --probably CatEyes/Flamenco lips.

Next is Severina, named for Severina Dollinger, the makers of boots extraordinaire:) Again the textures are amazing, especially on the lace neckpiece and the lace cuffs. It comes with the lolly skirt and the open bustle tails. And hya recently added some wonderful colors to your choices. My boots are the old ETD Calf Boots, no longer available, alas :( Hair is Grazia2 from Truth in Cranberry I think... Skin is PXL Creations Kim in Natural.

Last, but not least, is a recent Lucky Chair prize -- bits and pieces from her Scraps & Gutter Glitter separates colored in the Gay Pride rainbow. I *think* I added a shirt from the Voltaire Suit. Shoes are Periquita's S-Steps in Red. My earrings and necklace are Alienbear's Pearl Teardrops in Black. Hair is ETD's Loraine 2 in Auburn. Skin is PXL's Kim I think.

I hope you can see both the quality and variety of hya's work. While her audience is predominantly Goth, don't ignore the total wearability of her styles, particularly for formal parties. Happy Rezday hya <3

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