Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sum - sum - SUMMERTIME!

It's my third "summer" in SL and time to bring out my favorite /artilleri/ dress, Carrie. It comes with and without a sash AND the underside of the skirt is bright red! Such a nice detail that is!

I'm wearing Antonia Marat's Heart of Love skin with it. It's one of my absolute favorites from that project. It's red lips, pink cheeks and tender eyeshadow just match Carrie nicely.

Other style notes: Hair is Truth's "freebie", Jess in Sahara. The two bobbypins and the flexi bits add up to a really fine look with the dress I think. Shoes are Vanessa in silver by Lyra Muse, no longer available alas, but perfect for a summery look. My necklace is Lucas Lameth's redo of his Heirloom Locket with color change crystals. In the locket is my later friend, Artistic Fimicoloud, the pink fox for whom I relay.

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