Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spanish summer

Hi hi! I've been quiet for a few weeks, first due to holidays, and then due to having to catch up with work after those days off... (Life is hard!) At least the holidays gave me a break from this cruel, hot weather, but now I'm right back into it, and it doesn't look like getting better for at least a month. As you will understand, with these temperatures we have in Spain, I'm not really looking forward to getting dressed, so I've been this close to doing a bikinis post (and maybe skins) but then Fury was faster... clever girl! So, I tried to put together something light, cool and summery, that I would very much wear to combat the Spanish summer in style.

The dress is the Silk organza dress from Armidi Gisaci - which I first saw on Autumn Hykova (owner of Tiny Bird) on her Flickr, and I instantly fell in love with it, so I did not hesitate to ask. Hers was in a darker plum colour, but the fabrics are so incredibly light that I thought a light shade would be the most appropriate choice here. So I picked immaculate white for the challenge to make it look non-bridal. With that purpose, I put the accent on non-discreet accessorizing, with bright colours that totally speak of summer - yellow and orange. The shoes are the Saturday flats from Shiny Things, in the shade so aptly called sun. The necklace is an oldie, the Han Hana Bead Necklace by Earthtones (now Luc), and the bangles and earrings are part of the Melange set by Zaara, in this case in yellow.

The hair you've seen me blog before, it's Sehra in cranberry by Truth, with the yellow flower - I just can't get enough of it, it goes well with pretty much everything and it totally screams of summer, plus the textures... (sighs) This man is a genius. The skin is also by a genius, and I think it's safe to say I'm madly in love with it - it's still Tuli's Hope in natural. But let me share something: today I made up my mind and went off to Journey to get myself the whole Hope fatpack. Concentrating this much love on just one skin can't be healthy, so I decided I have to share it with the whole 10 makeups!! (cuddles the pack)

The other items you see in the picture are the Miriel Vivid Hazel eyes and Glamour lashes (no longer available) and some of my 170 LAP poses. For further info and slurls, check here.


Fury said...

Wb Elaine,

Sorry about beating u to the bikini post been thinking about it for

you look so cool and refreshing in that dress...fabulous!

Fury x

Elaine Lisle said...

Thanks Fury! And no problem at all, you look great in those pictures!!