Sunday, July 5, 2009

The *ICING* on the Cake!

One result of being unemployed and not able to spend my lindens so freely has the need to explore my inventory for forgotten gems. I saw the notice for the ICING sale and as I was searching for the landmark I came across Passion Flower, which I popped on as I *am* a "Passionate Redhead." So off I went to the sale, and, in my new thrift, only fell for one, Tradewinds, which I had admired for a while. One of the reasons the poses are sideways and the same side is that I wanted to show off the seashells in the Tiny Bird hair :) Also the backs of the dresses are as well done as the fronts. In both dresses Miko Omegamu's skill at shape and texture are evident.

Credits for Passion Flower:
Jewelry: Puarangi Designs: The DJ Amethyst Set
Shoes: ETD Starley in Violet

Credits for Tradewinds:
(luc) Fashion Jewelry: Heart Earrings w/teardrop Gold
Kitty's Lair: High Heel Pumps Tease! Vintage White

For both:
Hair: Tiny Bird She Sells Seashells
Skin: Tuli Hope Fair/Natural [Group Gift]

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