Monday, July 27, 2009

She Sells Seashells

I was putting together this "look" around the Cloud Pattern skirt in Purple from So Many Styles, when Hibiscus Flossberg of Puarangi Designs announced that she had remade the men's shell choker for the ladies. I ran over and got it to finish the outfit.

With the SMS skirt I am wearing the Shimmer Tank in Pink from Cupcakes, lycra tights from the old G.L.A.M. dyed to match the skirt and a knitted shrug from The Kiwi Project, which I tinted slightly to warm it up a bit.

I'm wearing Truth's Grazia 2 in Copper and the Limited Edition Audrey Holiday skin from 5th & Oxford, available only at the Harajukubox Town Skin Faire for a few more days. It's a nicely sunburned skin with tan lines and a free bikini at a teeny price!

My shoes deserve a special mention -- they are the Samara heels from Adam n Eve in Coffee Bean. How lucky can I get to have such killer heels named for me :)

So thanks to all the creators, but especially Hibi for the necklace that provided the final element for my outfit.

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