Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mane of Rfyre

When I saw Helena Stringer's hair for the last Black Swan event I knew I had to have the Fire one for its amazing volume and coloration. But what to wear with it? Then I remembered a Rfyre sale item, Black Flame and the die was cast:) What I have added is a second copy of the skirt attached as wings to fill out the look.

Dress: Rfyre Black Flame
Hair: *TSM* Mane of Fire - S.E. Swansong
Shoes: Haysuriza /Sayuri Red
Skin: LionSkins-SUZANA-pale 72


Helena Stringer said...


I really liked how you set that picture, and how you improvised with the dress, the true marks of a fantasy warrior!

Fury said...

Always knew you were a firey one..lol

Great post, agree with Helena :)