Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fawn Ballet

It started with the 50L$ Friday promotion and finished with a hair fair find.

When I saw this group of designers and creators with such a brilliant initiative I thought I’d like to support them, especially as one of my favourite new finds is amongst them.

I made my way over to This is Fawn knowing I’d be in for a treat. I was not disappointed. A simple and pretty dress was on offer as part of the promotion, Francophile Dress [grey] The simplicity belies the design. A simple spaghetti string strapped black ‘vest’ sits on top of a multi-layered flexi skirt. A broad waistband and clever textures makes this skirt exquisite. In fact there are two skirt options…1 plain grey, not shown, and the grey with white polka dots, shown in the pictures. Cute and sweet, I adore this dress.

Now, what to wear with it? Ballet shoes and flats are too obvious and not really was the way I was thinking. I tried various on then remembered the Lara Croft boots buried in a costume folder I have. Nicely crafted and textured, mid-calf boots with rolled socks as a touching detail.

OK, so now I have a more edgy look. Need a skin to really make it feel artsy. I went straight to my Fleur folder and the Allure Biba, special edition, with its dark, heavy smoky eyes and natural lips…perfect!

Finally, the hair…I admit I tried on a few ETD hairs but none really rattled my cage for this look. When I was searching through my short hairstyles I rediscovered the Discord Design dollerbie from this year Hair Fair. Its short dreads tied into numerous bunches was perfect. I tinted the hair bands to match the dress.

Have to admit I am pleased with the overall look…it’s quite different from my usual look and I am having a hard time taking it off my pixels…lol.

I would recommend visiting all the participating stores for the 50L$ Friday promotions…you never know what you may find!
PS. Fun shot here...

Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Biba (special edition), no longer available
Hair: -dD- Niobe - Adjustable (Midnight)
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big), no longer available
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Dress: This is a Fawn - Francophile Dress [grey]
Boots: AG -TR: Legend Outfit, Lara's Boots


Elise said...

Hello - just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed browsing your blog today. You have some lovely pictures and your posts are always interesting. Thank you !

Samara Barzane said...

I agree with Elise--your posts are always interesting and well done :)

Fury said...

Elise...thank you for dropping in, its really appreciated :)

Sam...thanks :)