Monday, December 22, 2008

Achariya's "Dress Me" Challenge from Achayria herself :)

Achariya said:

Oh I know! I'd like to see you in one of Zaara's sari's, and accessories to match. So here you go!

I LOVE Zaara Kohime's work so this was no problem. But I after looking at a gorgeous sari for a lot of lindens, I opted for Red Riot, an older [and still gorgeous] one available in her discount room. The bracelets are Zaara's beautiful Suvarna ones, but the rest of the jewelry is Yak & Yeti's free Bollywood set in tourmaline. I copied and edited the forehead piece to serve as a belly jewel LOL. Hair is ETD's L$1 Lily style in Carmel Burnt. The skin is Fleur Parfait Deux 1 in Strawberry.

Thanks for the excuse to go Bollywood Achariya!


Achariya Rezak said...

Mmmm, this look suits you so well! Even the discounted wares are lovely quality, aren't they? I also like your photography quite a bit!

Samara Barzane said...

Well considering I *adore* your photography, I'll take that comment. Yes I was very pleased by the quality of "Red Riot." Sorry I was feeling so cheep, but I had just done some serious shoe damage LOL Thanks for the chance to Go Bollywood :)