Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a "Sick" Challenge from Dot Lane :)

Dot Lane said:

Hmmm...I see you in something Japanese...maybe one of the Yugao dresses from Plus Nine paired with one of the Fleur Biba skins, ankle boots, and zero style hair. I'd also like to see what you could do with the "Sick" dress from Yome Shoujo with a Fleur Vivant Pin-Ups skin...

OK Dot, here we go :)

I started with Plus Nine's Yugao Long Skirt Set (Cassis) because I loved the colors. It came with some serious shoulder fur, but that conflicted with my Zero Style hair [Dana in Black Cherry-I feel like a Black Forest Cake LOL] so it got left off. I LOVE the hem flounces, but in action they don't fit well as you move. With those and the system skirt I had trouble finding poses that didn't screw up one or both.

As requested, my skin is Fleur's new Allure Biba 3 in Truffle. The Kristin Booties are from ETD, but I couldn't decide whether to wear plum or teal so I wore one of each!

Sick you say? There are two Sick dresses by Yome Shoujo, neither of which look that way. I bought both, but ended up using the lighter of the two. The dress has layered flounces and puffy sleeves, but the pièce de résistance is the stuffed heart necklace. Normally I wouldn't wear a pillow on my chest, but this funny face grew on me during the shoot.

The skin is the requested Fleur Vivant Pin-up 2 in Blush. My clunky shoes are from the Bare Rose, It's Only a Paper Moon costume. Hair is Zero Style's Hays in Golden Wheat. [Yup, it's the demo LOL] I wanted something pig or ponytailed and this did the trick on a day when Phil's Place was no cooperating.

I had fun with your challenge Dot --thanks <3

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Achariya Rezak said...

Oooh, once again another amazing challenge. I love the hair choice with this -- great colors, Samara! I'd definitely add this to your set of looks.