Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cajsa's "Dress Me Up" Challenge reaches the Zenith!

Cajsa Lilliehook challenged me as follows: "I thought I might suggest something neko from Zenith, with some Betty Page Voyager hair." Hm there's a theme here. Two of my four challenges wanted to see Sam neko/grunge. Folks I'm not really that square :) In fact the ears and tail came from my inventory.

So off I trotted to Zenith where I found The Black Sexy Cloths set. The multiple pieces fit nicely, but I had to kill the bling coming from the ribbons. There I do draw the line. The tattoo is also from Zenith, their butterfly one. I have to admit I'd taken the photos wearing the Lxei Nyanotech hair from Curious Kitties [also in my inventory] before I remembered that she had said Betty Page Voyager. So I dutifully trotted off, but couldn't find anything that I liked as well as the Lxei for the style. So here's my response to your challenge Cajsa :)

My skin is Fleur Allure Biba 1 in Truffle. My torn fishnet stockings and fishnet gloves are from *Sheer*. My boots are the New York ones from Digital Dragon. My ears are *Kyu-To Neko Ears Black and tail is Mikon Neko Tail - Black, all from Dirty Lynx.


Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I like the hair you chose. I had forgot that some of her old stuff @ Zenith has bling. I agree on the bling, get rid of it.

Samara Barzane said...

Thanks for the challenge Cajsa-it was fun!