Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge: Post Three

It's now my turn in The Fashion Bloggers' Relay as Ryker Beck has passed the baton to me. Thanks again to Sasy for the idea and the fun!

**OK my item from Ryker's post is the Pixel Dust Apatia hair, in Dark Ginger for me.**

I had gotten to know Autumn Hykova from Plurk and, when she announced her Bushfire Relief contribution, I popped over to Pixel Dust, shamefacedly for the first time. That style didn't suit, but Apatia was love at first pixel. It reminded me a bit of Elika's AJ, but without all the hair in the face and with some lovely front tendrils tickling my neck.

Of course my skin is Fleur. I would not have been working for them this past year if I didn't love their skins. [Not to mention them!] So I'm wearing Fleur Allure Smudged 2 in Caramel. The detail in the face as well as the patented Allure bewbies and the butt dimples -- what's an avi not to love? If you don't own at least one Allure what are you waiting for?

I normally wear Miriel or Bijou eyes, but these are Celestial Studio's Light Sage which I'm liking more and more. As a redhead I prefer green eyes, but most are too definite a color for a daily look. These seem about right. My eyelashes are the Deviant Nation ones, also from Starley's talented pixels. I like their openness as I hate looking as though a bat attached to my eyelid.

Chic Aeon is responsible for the earrings, her Love Chic Gypsy Soul in Gold. At only L$25. these are an amazing bargain. For some reason I've had trouble finding plain gold earrings that I can wear often. The search is now officially over.

The artilleri colour thread *orange threads* scarf is not the only one I own from there, but it seemed to go well with everything else that was emerging. And you get a "winter breath" object with it, which, if you, like me, just right click/wear on the folder, can be a bit of a surprise ;)

My necklace is Dakota Buck's Repairs in Amber and Gold, now available at Whippet & Buck on Festivale. And *cries* it doesn't seem to be available at her Savvy? store in Imogen. I will will beg until she puts it back out for you. The Hearts & Diamonds Bracelet is from ~flirt~ and changes color with a menu. I'm wearing it in Yellow Jasper.

The Campy Cable Knit in Coal from Ki2, minus its turtleneck prim, is a really nicely textured one and available in several other colors. The Pencil Skirt in Black from Ingenue is everyone's standby, with good reason, as it is an excellent system skirt! The high-waist on the jacket layer is just as nicely textured as the skirt. Since the Coal of my top and the Black of my skirt aren't the same I wanted a pair of stockings that would help pull things together. Thus I am wearing Mimikri's Ajour stockings in Gray.

At the bottom are the Armidi Gisaci Oxford Leather Ankle Boot in Persian Red to help pull the oranges and golds together.

And now I pass the baton to .... Adaire DeCuir of Free*Style. Enjoy yourself Adair. I certainly did!

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Sasy Scarborough said...

you look like my favourite season,such a great look, yay

xox Sasy xox