Thursday, February 5, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

I was one of the lucky bloggers invited to preview the Egyptian-themed Kings Rezzable before its opening. We were treated to a dazzling fashion show, displaying the clothing made especially for this project.

After applauding wildly at the end of the show, we were able to shop the vendors. Goodies are available at many price points, from as little as L$200 to L$1500 and up. Since my spending is currently on a diet, I purchased from the lower end, but never fear! The Mereret dress by Blue Blood is a lovely fluffy bit of Egyptiana. I also couldn't resist the Inorite Cleo Bob in Rust with its gold tiara.

The Mereret outfit includes shoes and jewelry for L$400. There was also an interesting headpiece, but it didn't work with the tiara so I left it off.

For those of you who missed the show, here are a few pictures of the stunning build and a few of the outfits. The models walked down the rays of the sun. There are many items for men too, so this is a show for everyone:) Thanks again to Voshie Paine of Nocturne Modeling for the invite, to the Nocturne models and to Rezzable for bringing us another wonderful show.


Fury said... have chegs!

You also look fabulous!

Green Dream said...

We're glad you enjoyed the show! All of you were an excellent, supportive audience, and you look great in that dress. :) Thanks for coming out (and getting my good side XD).