Sunday, May 18, 2008

We had a BALL!

Yesterday was The Spring Ball held in a glorious ballroom, built by Fleur's master of prims, CJ Carnot. The ballroom hovered elegantly over the sims of Nicky Ree Designs and Fleur skins -- why you might ask? To celebrate a major collaboration between the two content creators [and several others] which resulted in 6 beautiful new skins and 6 fabulous new gowns.

In order to reduce the lag for me my settings were at "runway resolution", so I didn't get any pictures there. But fortunately others did. For pictures of the skins, gowns and build take a look at the Modavia Supermodels blog and for pictures of Achariya and hyasinth Tiramisu dancing with several of their partmers, including yours truly, please take a look at Ach and hya thoughtfully came dressed as boys to help make sure the ladies had partners. I must say that Ach dances divinely!

Wearing Fleur Shoujo Florence in Lily and Nicky Ree's Florence in pink. Hair is ETD Aiiyanna white tinted to match the gown. Jewelry is the Vine set in silver from DK Innovations. Shoes are Sasy Chic from Aphrodite Creations in Rose.


Oddy said...

Rik told me he danced with you Sam .. if he trod on your toes with his size 14 boots just let me know ..

Samara Barzane said...

Actually he danced quite nicely :)

Noena Merlin said...

You look gorgeous, Sam!! I could eat you!! :P