Friday, May 9, 2008

Zdravo od Skopje!

I'm still in Macedonia with some time on my hands and good internet access. So with the grid down I thought I would share some images that have been lurking in my Flickr waiting for their chance.

The first is of two outfits from Nyte'n'Day-- both with wonderful skirts. I will add more later, but I particularly like the hem detail on the right-hand one. But I can say that I see these skirts on my friends in Skopje -- they call them "Gypsy skirts." My hair is ETD Natasha in auburn, skin is Fleur of course! My shoes are by Kimberley Casanova -- the Samantha in wood.

The second is a mixed group- the yellow dress is Devilish Cupcake I think -- the color is dandelion -- very springy. I originally meant this post for Easter time but you can see I am a bit late LOL. Tights are from Corduroy. On the right is the Boing Fromage Folklore dress, which I have had for a while. The pink leggings from Aoharu. Hair is still Natasha etc... Shoes also Samantha in wood.

So that's it until I get home next week and take some new photos.

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